Bugatti Residences in Dubai by Binghatti

Why Buying Binghatti’s Apartments in Business Bay is a BIG YES?

Bugatti residence is one of the mesmerizing projects offered by Binghatti developers which, making waves in the Dubai property market. There are various developers offering apartments in Business Bay but the housing spaces launched by Binghatti have their special charm. Residents can experience unparalleled living in the apartments offered by Binghatti. According to Gulf Business Binghatti developers remain successful in generating massive funds with their exceptional performance. Today, in this blog let’s talk about why investing with Binghatti is a big Yes.

Top Reasons to Investing in Binghatti’s Apartments in Business Bay

Let’s talk about the Binghatti developers first and then this blog will land you on the reasons that will highlight the benefits if you invest with them.

Who are Binghatti Developers? – Trend Setters in Dubai Real Estate


One of the well-known developers in Dubai is Binghatti. Established in 2014 with the trend of infusing innovation and excellence, Binghatti developers have a special status in Dubai.

Innovation-driven architectures and exceptional features in the residence are the speciality of Binghatti developers. Binghatti developers have managed the headwinds in the real estate market by offering a living space that incorporates aesthetic appeal and functionality.

The dedication to the development and seamless beauty of the residential projects offered at flexible rates is what makes Binghatti developers who they are. Now, let’s immerse in the insights into why investing in Binghatti is a big Yes.

Reputation of The Developer – Leading Real-Estate Developer

Although there are other developers offering apartments in Business Bay, but reputation and the standing of the developer are what attract investors. In this regard, you can only expect an exceptional quality of the property and innovative design from them. Due to their keen focus on detail and exclusive architecture, investors are attracted to them.

The authenticity of the developer is what makes the real-estate player trustworthy, and to verify the performance of Binghatti they have delivered over 60 stunning projects. These developments offered by Binghatti are not just another fish in the sea but completely satisfy the buyers.

More than 20,000 anticipated units to be delivered and shaping the skyline of Dubai are some of the tributes Binghatti developers deserve.

Higher ROI Guaranteed in Apartments in Business Bay

ROI is one of the various testaments through which the performance of the developer becomes easy to investigate. Being an investor ROI is the primary and basic feature that helps in decision making. If you want to buy a Bugatti residence in Dubai launched by Binghatti, ROI will amaze you. Although investment with Binghatti remains a lucrative venture, for the evidence ROI offered is 7%. Wide ranges of apartments are offered by Binghatti that are located at strategic locations, and of outstanding quality.

Latest Properties by Binghatti – Unprecedented Collaborations


The portfolio of Binghatti developers is exclusive and impressive with stunning projects starting the skyline of Dubai. Binghatti developers are prominent in the market due to their extensive experience in building exceptional and functional projects.

Following are the featured latest projects offered by Binghatti developers:

Mercedes Benz Places

A Mercedes Benz place is the collaborative marvel between Binghatti developers and automotive giant Mercedes Benz at the prestigious places of Downtown Dubai. The project is anticipated to be completed by March 2027.

Bugatti Residences by Binghatti

Bugatti Tower of Dubai is the architectural masterpiece offered by Binghatti Developers at the strategic location of Business Bay. The residents of this project can experience dynamism and excellence.  If investors want to buy a Bugatti apartment in Dubai then the planned completion date of the project is June 2026.

Binghatti Nova in Jumeirah Village Circle JVC

Among the other residential projects, Binghatti Nova at Jumeirah Village Circle is another dynamic project ready to move in.

Phantom Binghatti

Another latest and meticulously designed project by Binghatti is Phantom Binghatti located at the JVC. This exquisite property is anticipated to be completed in Q3 of 2025.

From the exclusive portfolio of the above project offered by Binghatti, it is evident that the developers are experienced and worth the investment.

Apartments in Business Bay’s Quality of Development & Finishing is on Point


The philosophy of Binghatti developers lies in:
“lead the renaissance of property in the region, amalgamating art into properties”

This above-mentioned approach is evident in their outperforming projects. Traditional motifs and fusion of those with the futuristic design are what define the property by Binghatti.


Binghatti Developers is a renowned name in Dubai real estate not only because they have been working for decades, but they are offering exceptional apartments in Dubai including the Bugatti Tower of Dubai. Even, apart from the extensive portfolio there are various reasons to invest with Binghatti developers including competitive performance, outstanding reputation, successfully delivered projects, and quality of living they offer. Another major benefit investors can note before investing with Binghatti is the ROI which is what sets them apart from the other developers.


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