Bugatti Residences in Dubai by Binghatti

Top 6 FAQS about Bugatti Residence in Dubai

The ultra-luxurious residence of Bugatti is one of the new additions under development in Dubai Skyline, offering unmatched lifestyle and stylish facilities. This unique brand of Bugatti comprises two gigantic towers offering a range of properties complemented with luxurious services. However, buyers are still not sure about various aspects of the projects, as it is highly expensive and its information is unveiled for a limited time of sale. Here is a comprehensive list of six frequently asked questions that will make up your mind and answer your queries to invest in this unique and mindboggling high-rise project of Bugatti Residence in Dubai.

Who is the owner of Bugatti Residence?

The first question that was asked by many individuals is who is the owner of Bugatti Residence? Dubai has been introduced to Bugatti Residence, which is one of its one-of-a-kind luxury projects revealed in Dubai on May 24th 2023 by Mate Rimac. The project of Bugatti residence is owned by two prestigious personalities primarily the CEO of Bugatti Rimac and the CEO of Binghatti, Muhammad BinGhatti. This exquisite property of Bugatti Residence is the first-ever project by Bugatti.

Besides the luxury automotive giant Bugatti, the real-estate company of Muhammad BinGhatti is working across 40 projects. The company is currently dominating the Dubai skyline and is working on various luxurious projects including Dubai Silicon Oasis, Jumeirah Village Circle, Dubai residential complex, Al Jaddaf and others, with an investment of a staggering AED 7 billion. The owner of the Bugatti Residence in Dubai Muhammad BinGhatti is working in the real-estate company that was established in 2008 and is construction marvels in the prime location of Business Bay.

The second frequently asked question about Bugatti Tower is where this project is located. The answer is that the prestigious and ultra-luxury residential apartments are carefully placed in the strategic location of Business Bay offering proximity to the iconic landmarks of Dubai including Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Ice Rink, Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, Reel Cinema, Trampo Extreme, Dubai Opera, Dubai Mall and the shopping centre offering 1200 plus retail stores.

The location of this premium property Bugatti Residence offers easy access to some of the exotic restaurants including Atmosphere, Italian Armani/Ristorante, Armani/Mediterraneo and others providing scrumptious dishes to satisfy your appetite.

Who Designed the Bugatti Building?

Figure 2 Bugatti residences up for sale in Dubai

Another question that bothers the buyers and luxury seekers about the Bugatti residence by Binghatti is who designed this masterpiece. The answer is there are two creative and innovation-driven minds behind the design of this symbol of excellence including, Mate Rimac of Bugatti and Architect Muhammad BinGahtti.

Further, in an exclusive interview with the Arabian Business:

“We share a vision of what a Bugatti-branded residence should be. Muhammad Binghatti has a profound appreciation for the world of automotive design and luxury as well as a talent for creating iconic architecture. With this partnership, we will follow the words of Ettore Bugatti: ‘If comparable it is no longer Bugatti’,” Mate Rimac Bugatti’s CEO said.

How tall is the Bugatti Residences?

The fourth frequently asked question about the Bugatti residences is about the height of it. The answer to this question will stun you. The design born with inventive vivacity and sheer opulence is reaching the astonishing height of 200 meters including 182 residences in total comprising 171 “Riviera Mansions” and 11 premium penthouse “Sky Mansions”.

The 42-storey skyscraper is making a sound in the bustling metropolis of Dubai because of its height, making it one of the shining stars of the Dubai skyline. This exceptional and breathtaking luxurious property of Bugatti Residence Dubai has completely disrupted the Dubai real estate market with its majestic height accompanied by exclusive facilities for the owners.

What is the Starting price of Bugatti Residence Apartments in Dubai?

Figure 3 Bugatti residence luxury apartments

One of the most frequently asked questions and high interest for the buyers, renters and investors from local and foreign land is about the starting price of this world-class structure. The starting price of this symbol of excellence, invested by the merger of two prestigious giants, is more than AED 19M.

Besides the expensive price which is set for the ultra-luxury buyers to get attracted has also broken the record for the highest rate per sq. ft. Even with this massive amount, the project in its initial phase was all sold.

What are the available amenities at Bugatti in Dubai?

The sixth and the last frequently asked question by buyers about the stunning property offering spectacular views is about the available amenities in this luxurious residential tower. The answer will completely satisfy you as the executive project offers a wide range of luxurious services for its occupants. The premium amenities include a gym, Jacuzzi, Shared spa, shared pool, well and fitness centre equipped with world-class equipment, Valet parking and more.


The premium property of Bugatti Tower by Binghatti is one of the exclusive luxury projects which is redefining the excellence and modern living for the residents of Dubai. However, various frequently asked questions bother the buyers, as they are about to invest in one of the most luxurious residential buildings in Dubai. Therefore, for your convenience, the above guide has highlighted the six most frequently asked questions about Bugatti Residence Dubai that will assist you in making your booking decision without any vagueness.


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